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September 2003

The bill has undergone its second reworking by the Portfolio Committee for Justice and Constitutional Development. The Departmental Drafters are now making the necessary changes and it will hopefully return to the Portfolio Committee shortly in order for them to undertake further deliberations.

August 2003

You can access the current discussion of the re-draft of the Bill by going to

March to June 2003

After this first round of deliberations, the Department will spend time redrafting the Bill, taking into account the recommendations made in the public hearings. The Committee will reconvene in June to discuss the next draft of the Bill.

March 2003

24 - 26 March 2003
Portfolio Committee is continuing with deliberations on the Bill.

10 - 11 March 2003
The Portfolio Committee has requested some of the Departments to return to the Committee as further input was required.

The Committee has also asked the Community Law Centre, NICRO and other NGOs to make further written submissions on the Bill.

February 2003

24 - 27 February 2003
Public hearings will take on these days. Your chance to give input on the Bill to the Members of Parliament.

20 & 21 February 2003
The Justice and Constitutional Development Department will be giving a briefing on the Child Justice Bill.

For a detailed programme on the developments of the Bill in Parliament, contact the Committee Secretary, Sipho Jonas at (021) 4033669

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